Eversys e'4m espresso machine


One touch productivity and quality


This function enables machine operators to produce barista quality frothed milk at the touch of a button.
Decaffeinated powder chute
This option enables the user to produce decaffeinated products without mobilising a dedicated bean hopper.
Bean hopper lock
This option protects the integrity/quality of the beans, prevents shrinkage.
Under counter ground coffee disposal
In high volume sites, this option promotes continuous operation, without having to empty out the coffee grounds drawer.
CCI / CSI connectivity for credit systems
This interface capacity enables Eversys equipment to be linked to payment mechanisms.
LAN and Ethernet
LAN, a more stable option than WIFI, enables the machine to be connected/accessed via the internet.


Integrated refrigerator, 4 litre container (1.18 gal US), width e'4m will be 84 cm / 33 inch.
Cup heater
100 to 130 cups, depending on cup size.

Describe your capacity needs, coffee menu and your format and we make you a great offer for your e’4m