Latte Art in 1 minute

At the WOC 2018 (last June at the Rai Amsterdam) the C2 - 1,5 step is presented with great enthousiasm. If you missed that show but have heard the exiting news here is you change to see the short demo video of Matt Perger playing the C2 espresso machine. 

What is it?
Just 1 push on the button creates: traditional espresso + traditional - ready to use, precise volumn - microfoam.

For who? 
All places where traditional coffees are the basics of the shop (but a nightmare to have them prepared at a constant level of perfect quality) 

Live demo? 
You sure can! To try for yourself is much more fun though. See all C2 types here. Make an appointment? Contact or call the office and ask for Stijn (+31703227474).